Contract acceptance.  A contract shall not exist between the parties

until accepted by show management.  Acceptance shall be

indicated by a signed (show management signature) conformed

contract.  A conformed copy of the contract shall be returned to

exhibitor upon acceptance.  No verbal reservations are accepted

and no “holding” of space will occur without receipt of a minimum

50% deposit. All monies paid within one month of the event must

be remitted in the form of cash, bank cashier’s check or postal

money order made payable to “Santa Cruz Home Shows”.

3. PAYMENT OF BALANCE: Exhibitor will remit the remaining

balance of space prior to ten days before the show.  Spaces contracted

after this date shall require a 100% payment.  Any space not paid 

for in full within one month of the event, including any 

additional fees, shall be deemed abandoned and shall be 

reassigned.  Deposits shall be deemed earned.

4. LATE FEE:  Exhibitor agrees to and shall be charged a LATE

FEE, on the total contract amount, for outstanding balances after

thirty days as follows:

10% if received after ten days

25% if received thirty days

5. SELLERS PERMIT: Exhibitor shall complete and return a State

of California – Board of Equalization form BOE-410D

(Verification of Seller’s Status); or provide the same information

on this form.  If not selling at the show, exhibitor will so indicate

on the BOE-410D or this contract form.  (Seller’s information must

be on file for every exhibitor, whether or not exhibitor is selling at

the show).


products and handouts are subject to final approval of

Management.  Only those products and services listed on the

contract may be sold or displayed.  Substitutions are not allowed

without Management’s written consent.  Violation of this clause

will result in removal of items not specifically identified and

possible removal of the entire exhibit.  There are no exclusive

rights granted for products, services or brand names, unless granted

in writing by Management.  Management reserves the right to limit

the number of exhibitors in any category as well as the number of

spaces required for a category.

7. CONTRACT APPLICATION: Management reserves the right to

reject any application for exhibit space without prejudice.

8. EXHIBIT SPACE: Exhibitor shall receive square footage

contracted for although exact dimensions could vary due to layout.

9. BOOTH ASSIGNMENT: Management reserves the right to make

such modifications and change exhibit space assignments as may

be necessary to adjust the floor plan or category location at any

time to meet the needs of the Show.  Exhibitor shall not assign or

sublet exhibit space without the written consent of Management.

Only the signage, literature or advertising of the exhibitor whose

name appears upon the face of this contract can be placed at the


10. SET-UP / UNOCCUPIED SPACE: In the event Exhibitor shall

fail to check-in or occupy said space 3 hours before show opening,

the Management is authorized to occupy or cause said space to be

occupied in such a manner as it may deem best for the interest of

the Show without rebate to Exhibitor and without releasing

Exhibitor from any liability hereunder.

11. EXHIBIT STAFFING: An Exhibitor Representative shall be

present in the booth during all show hours.  All demonstrations and

promotional activities must be confined to the limits of the exhibit

space.  Management shall have the sole discretion over sound

equipment used, the intent of which is that sound systems shall not

be objectionable to neighboring Exhibitors.

12. REMOVAL OF EXHIBITS: Exhibit is not to be removed prior to

close of show on final day.  Exhibitor agrees to an “early

breakdown” FEE of $400.00 in the event that exhibitor shall for

any reason breakdown prior to the advertised closing hour on any

day of the show.  The exhibit must be removed from the buildings

and grounds no later than 12pm (noon) on the day following the

Show close.  Any items left after that time will be removed at the

Exhibitor’s expense.

13. LICENSES, FEES & PERMITS: Any and all licenses, city,

county, state or federal, inspections, taxes or permits required by

law of any exhibitor in the installation or operation of his display

shall be the sole responsibility of Exhibitor at his own expense.

14. INSURANCE: Exhibitor represents to Management that it has and

will maintain public liability and property damage insurance,

insuring against all liability of Exhibitor and its authorized

representatives out of and in connections with Exhibitor’s use of

occupied space.

15. HOLD HARMLESS: Exhibitor shall hold Show Management,

and its officers, agents and employees, harmless from all damages

arising out of damage to any person or property occurring in, on or

about Exhibitor’s space.  Exhibitors and agents of Exhibitors who

will be using vehicles to transport equipment, merchandise or

materials during set-up, show days and tear-down, must carry valid

motor vehicle liability insurance.  The Exhibitor will be responsible

for any damage or injury caused by such vehicles.

16. COMPLIANCE: If Exhibitor fails to comply in any and all

respects with the terms of this contract, the Management shall have

the right to resell said space.  Exhibitor, however, will be liable for

any loss suffered by the Management hereby, and the Management

shall retain any payment theretofore made by the Exhibitor to apply

towards such loss.

17. EXHIBITOR CANCELLATION: Cancellations must be in

writing.  Deposits and payments of any kind are non-refundable.

18. SHOW CANCELLATION: If the Management, for any reason,

finds it necessary to cancel the Show, it shall have the right to

cancel this contract and upon refund to exhibitor of any monies

paid for space rental, the Management shall have no further liability


19. LIABILITY: In case said premises shall be destroyed by fire or

other elements, or in the case of Government intervention or

regulation, military activity, strikes or any other circumstances

shall make it impossible or inadvisable for the Management to hold

the Show at the time and place herein provided, then and thereupon

this contract shall terminate and Exhibitor shall and does hereby

waive any claim for damages or compensation, except the return of

the amount already paid for space rental.  There shall be no further

liability on the part of either party.

20. NON-GUARANTEE: Management shall remain free of harm of

product sales, attendance, exclusive privileges or exhibitor


21. BAD CHECK: Management reserves the right to collect damages

and/or penalties, as allowed by law on all returned checks.

22. LITIGATON: If a suit or action is filed regarding this contract, the

Exhibitor promises to pay the Management costs and reasonable

attorney fees in such a manner as set by the court.  Any litigation

must be filed within the court system of San Bernardino County.

23. INTERPRETATION: The terms and conditions, printed herein as

well as all Santa Cruz Home Shows rules, regulations and policies

found on the website, are made a part

hereof, and Exhibitor agrees to be bound by each and every one

thereof.  The Management shall have full power in the matter of

interpretation, amendment and enforcement of all said rules and

regulations, and with any such amendment when made and brought

to notice of the Exhibitor, shall be and become a part hereof as

though duly incorporated herein.