About The Santa Cruz Home Show

The Santa Cruz Home Show is excited about promoting home shows in the Bay Area. The Home Garden And Green Lifestyle Show will take place at the .  We invite you to buy now and get extra promotions for your business,

There’s a big buzz about going green out there, and we are promoting it doing our part contributing to less green house gasses.

Reserve your booth space today .

Our Expo is produced by Santa Cruz Home Show,a locally owned and operated home show & production company based in the Santa Cruz county.

Santa Cruz Home Show has produced exclusive Home Improvement Expo within the Santa Cruz County. Our

measure of success will be based on our clients success regarding their leads and the quality of attendees.

What Makes Our Home Expo A Success?

Strategic marketing to the community:

Santa Cruz Home Show is not only dedicated to a highly organized

and well planned expo, we are dedicated to a strong marketing

effort. We believe that an expo is never truly successful without

inviting the community. Through the use of traditional medias

such as newspaper, television and radio as well as the use of

social media, internet and grass roots efforts we invite the

community to our expo.

Strong floor plan:

We believe that our job is to get as many people to your booth

as possible. We have constructed a floor plan that ensures 90%

of the exhibitors receive 100% of the traffic. This eliminates

direction choices for the attendees so they can focus on

buying decisions.

We are here for you:

At Santa Cruz Home Show a team is there to help you throughout the weekend.  We will assist you

with any needs you may have to ensure a successful event.

Our Mission:

To help small businesses grow by connecting them with potential clients through events and marketing.

Build the strength of the community and your business:

• Word of Mouth Marketing WORKS!

• Get face-to-face with the local community, and build

the relationships you need to grow your business!

Be part of a huge marketing effect for the Santa Cruz Home Show:

• Santa Cruz Home Show is investing in extensive

marketing campaigns to promote the event; this will

bring thousands of qualified attendees to the expo

Santa Cruz Home Show staff is dedicated to helping you grow your business

Connect with thousands of qualified clients in 2 days:

• Would your business benefit from gaining exposure to over

4,000 local residents, currently in the market for home

improvement projects, in just two days?

• Let the Santa Cruz Home Show bring thousands of qualified

potential new clients to your business


Dream • Plan • Build

Why Exhibit At Santa Cruz Home Show?

Our goal is to have 4,000 to 6,000 qualified clients in 2 days.

INCREASE brand recognition.

ACQUIRE leads and set appointments.

EDUCATE the community on your services.

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Santa Cruz Home Show

Benefits to your business:

Set an additional selling stage:

• With a captive audience attending the expo to

purchase the products and services related to your business

• The Santa Cruz Home Show is creating a unique selling venue

and the opportunity to increase your sales